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Future Meetings

Please find below a list of known meetings from other bodies. Help us to help you! Send announcements of forthcoming meetings to:

Biotic Response to Environmental Change
Flett Theatre, Natural History Museum, 27 November 2015

This meeting includes keynote lectures from Camille Parmesan (Plymouth University & University of Texas at Austin) 'Responses to anthropogenic climate change: predicting the future requires knowing the past', and Richard Primack (Boston University) 'The effects of climate change on the plants, birds, and insects of Thoreau's Concord using museum specimens, historical and modern observations, citizen science networks, and experiments'.

Many of the presentations over the day have a palaeontological basis and include speakers such as Richard Twitchett (NHM) 'Shrinking shellfish and marine ecosystem function during past episodes of global climate change', and Erik van Sebille (Imperial College) 'Chasing water: Why ocean currents matter to plastic, plankton and palaeoproxies'.

This meeting is free to attend, but registration is essential. For more information and to register see the meeting website.

Lyell Meeting 2016 - Paleoinformatics: Synthesising data from the past to illuminate the future
The Geological Society, Burlington House, London, 9 March 2016

Synthesising paleontological occurrence data and taxonomy into useable databases and web-systems will be one of the major challenges for palaeontology over the next couple of decades. The purpose of this meeting will be to bring together researchers who are playing leading roles in significant current initiatives and/or who have carried out particularly interesting individual work, with the objective of sharing experience and show-casing good practice for the large numbers of other workers who are interested to develop or improve paleoinformatics within their own work.

For more information see the meeting website:

17th International Bryozoology Association Conference
Melbourne Museum, Victoria, Australia, 10 - 15 April 2016

The IBA Conference is a multidisciplinary meeting that includes morphology, phylogeny, geochemistry, taxonomy, palaeontology, ecology and genetics of the Phylum Bryozoa. Keynote speakers will be Prof Tim Flannery 'Australia: an Introduction for Scientists', and Dr Michele Prinsep, 'Current State of Bioprospecting among Bryozoans'. There will be a Pre-Conference Excursion (Tasmania) and a Post-Conference Excursion (Great Ocean Road to Adelaide), which will include a lot of geological and fossil sites. Manuscripts are welcome for the proceedings volume to be brought to the conference for submission.

For more information and to download the Final Circular, see the website: or email

7th International Conference on Fossil Insects, Arthropods and Amber
National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland, 26 April - 1 May 2016

Registration is now open for this Conference on the scientific study of non-marine arthropods and amber. The Conference is usually held every three years and this is the first time that it will be held in the UK. It comprises a Reception at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, three days of lectures at the National Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh) and two optional days of field-work to Palaeozoic non-marine arthropod sites.

For more information about the meeting and how to register please e-mail Dr Andrew Ross ( Deadline for abstract submission is 31 December 2015.

4th International Congress on Ichnology (Ichnia 2016)
Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal, 6 - 9 May 2016

Ichnia 2016 is jointly organised by the International Ichnological Association, the Geopark Naturtejo da Meseta Meridional, UNESCO Global Geopark, and the National Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Lisbon. This congress, under the general theme ?Ichnology for the 21st century: (Palaeo)Biological Traces towards Sustainable Development? will include discussion on traces (fossils) as biological behavior patterns preserved in sediments and rocks. Pre-, intra- and post-congress field-trips are proposed to ichnosites throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Please see the conference website for more information: Abstract deadline 15 February 2016.

9th International School on Foraminifera
Urbino, Italy, 6 - 25 June 2016

This eighteen-day intensive course is specifically designed to provide an overview of the Taxonomy, Ecology, Biodiversity, and Geological History of Benthic and Planktonic Foraminifera. The course is intended for students interested in Micropalaeontology, Paleoceanography, Paleoecology, Climate History, Biology, and Environmental and industrial applications.

The course consists of lectures and practical classes covering the taxonomy, distribution, ecology, and paleoecology of foraminifera. Microscope lab sessions provide the opportunity for participants to learn the foraminiferal genera and species, and view Cretaceous to Neogene foraminiferal assemblages from Petroleum Exploration areas and ODP sites as well as Quaternary and modern assemblages. At the end of each lecture session, different tasks will be assigned to participants to reinforce the knowledge learned. Course materials include the lecture PowerPoint and numerous pdf reprints of classic papers.

The 9th ISF will be structured in four parts: Foraminiferal Introduction (7-11 June), Larger Benthic Foraminifera (12-15 June), Planktonic Foraminifera (17-21 June) and Smaller Benthic Foraminifera (22-25 June).

Applications for the course are now being accepted. Course details and application form can be found on our website at: For more information and registration, please contact Dr. Fabrizio Frontalini: or

6th Symposium on Mesozoic and Cenozoic Decapod Crustaceans
Villers-Sur-Mer, Normandy, France, 14 - 18 June 2016

The symposium will be held at the Paleospace-l'Odyssee, Museum of Palaeontology and the cinema, both located in the centre of Villers-sur-Mer. Poster and oral presentations will be followed by field-trips to the Callovian-Oxfordian cliffs of the "Vaches Noirs", Bajocian stratotype and Bathonian Confessionnaux; parts of the Normandy landings locations, a trip to the Cenomanian hard-grounds of Petreval, and the Etretat cliffs which attracted Courbet and Monet. English and French will be the official languages of the conference. Talks will be 30 minutes long including discussion. The area is popular with tourists, so accommodation should be booked early.

For more information, please contact the organiser, Sylvain Charbonnier ( or see the conference website: Registration payment deadline 1 February 2016. Abstract deadline 1 March 2016.

XIV Annual Meeting of the European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists (EAVP)
Haarlem, The Netherlands, 6 - 9 July 2016

More information will be available soon. Please check the EAVP website for updates:

Palaeo Down Under 2 (PDU2)
Adelaide, Australia, 11 - 15 July 2016

A full conference programme is proposed, covering all aspects of palaeontology and associated disciplines. Dedicated symposia on the Ediacaran and Cambrian systems will be a highlight of the programme, under the auspices of the respective International Subcommissions on Stratigraphy, focussing on recent rapid advances in our understanding in these areas. The conference will include guest keynote lectures, general and thematic sessions, symposia and posters.

The conference will be preceded by a field excursion to Ediacaran and Cambrian fossil localities in the renowned Flinders Ranges to the north of Adelaide, and will also feature the Emu Bay Shale Konservat-Lagerstatte on Kangaroo Island, south of Adelaide. A half-day mid-conference field excursion will be arranged to a location of international geological interest in the vicinity of Adelaide. A post-conference camping-style excursion to Mesozoic and/or Cenozoic fossil localities in the arid Lake Eyre Basin is also under consideration, pending number of interested participants.

For further information, please see the conference website:

9th International Meeting of the Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution
Diamante, Argentina, 1 - 5 August 2016

The meeting will be hosted by and held at the Centro de Investigaciones Cientficas y Transferencia de Tecnologia a la Produccion de Diamante (CICYTTP-CONICET). It will be dedicated to Larry Martin (USA), in order to honour his memory and his outstanding paleornithological contributions. The schedule includes a fossil identification session, pre- and post-conference excursions.

Please see the conference website for more information: Registration deadline 29 February 2016. Abstract deadline 30 June 2016.

Joint Meeting of the TSOP, AASP and ICCP
Houston, Texas, USA, 18 - 23 September 2016

This is the first joint meeting of these three related geological, geochemical and biological societies: The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP), AASP - The Palynological Society, and the International Commission for Coal and Organic Petrology (ICCP).

The purpose of this joint meeting is to discuss the close relationships between organic petrology and palynology, to foster thoughtful discussion and address issues that may be of benefit to furthering the respective sciences. Key themes to be addressed during joint activities include palynofacies and source rock assessment. Proposed symposia include: Palynofacies and Kerogen, Palynofloral Contributions to Source Rocks, and (tbc) an Alfred Traverse Symposium, Palynostratigraphy and Global Biozonations, Forensic Palynology, and Wetlands Through Time. Pre- and post- conference field trips are being planned.

More details will be available in the near future. Please see the TSOP and AASP websites for updates: and

XIV International Palynological Congress and the X International Organization of Palaeobotanists Congress (IPC XIV/ IOPC X 2016)
Salvador, Brazil, 23 - 28 October 2016

This will be the first time that both the International Palynological Congress (IPC) and the International Organisation of Palaeobotany Conference (IOPC) will gather together in the southern hemisphere. Several field trips are being planned within Bahia State and to the National Monument of fossilized Tocantins trees (Biel?ndia/Filad?lfia, Tocantins State).

Symposium proposals can be submitted until 31 October 2015 by emailing More details will be available in the near future.

DINO11 - 11th International Conference on Modern and Fossil Dinoflagellates
EPOC Laboratory, Bordeaux University, Bordeaux, France, Mid July 2017

More details will be available in the near future. Please see the conference website for updates:

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