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Postgraduate Travel Fund

The Palaeontological Association

Postgraduate Travel Fund

Please read the following notes before applying

  • Financial assistance is offered to postgraduate students who are members of the Association for travel to international meetings that are not directly supported by the Association through the Grants-in-Aid scheme. A list of directly sponsored meeting is given below. The funding is only intended for conferences that are explicitly scientific in nature. The award is specifically for travel.
  • A maximum of £200 will be awarded to applicants making a presentation that falls within the scope of the Association’s charitable aims.
  • Successful awards will be paid retrospectively on the submission of receipts for reasonable travel costs.
  • Applications should be made online no later than two months prior to the beginning of the conference.
  • The total fund and number of awards will be at the discretion of Council. Only one travel grant will be awarded per applicant per year, but subsequent applications can be made.
  • Applications are to made through the application website (link below), and include the personal details of the applicant and his/her career stage, the title of any accepted abstract, and details of other funding obtained towards the cost of the meeting. Two letters must also be attached, in PDF format: a letter of acceptance/confirmation from the meeting convenor, and short status-confirming letter from the applicant’s supervisor.
  • Funding from the Association should be acknowledged on your poster or in your presentation.

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Directly sponsored meetings (NOT eligible for Postgraduate Travel Fund):

  • Palaentological Association Annual Meetings
  • International Palaeontological Congress
  • Progressive Palaeontology
  • Lyell Meetings
  • Any other meetings that have been awarded funds to support student attendance from the Association's Grants-in-Aid scheme

Palaeontological Association sponsoring at EGU 2014: 27 April 2014 - 02 May 2014, Vienna, Austria

As part of its sponsoring of the EGU General Assembly 2014 (EGU 2014), the Association is offering an additional number of postgrad travel grants, for student members that will present their research during the PalAss sponsored sessions (see program on the EGU 2014 website). All the normal specifications and requirements (see above) apply, with exception of the imposed deadline: where applications for normal postgrad travel grants need to reach us two months before the deadline, this is not the case for the dedicated EGU grants: students can submit an application from the moment they receive confirmation of their presentation (typically 3-4 weeks before the meeting), up to April 20th 2014. In addition, we clarify that applicants need be student members only at the time of application (there is no minimum required term of membership).

Pal Ass sponsored sessions at EGU2014 (session programme tbc):?
SSP2.1: Earth Systems History - the Need for Integrated Stratigraphy
SSP4.1: Terrestrial biota and environments in deep time
SSP4.2: Always look on the bright side… - Environmental constrains of early human expansions
SSP4.3: Ocean acidification: past, present and future
SSP4.4: Mesozoic and Cenozoic Foraminifera: biostratigraphy, palaeoenvironments, palaeo/climats, palaeo/biogeography, phylogeny
SSP4.5: Cenozoic Biodiversity Dynamics
SSP4.6: Dead organisms as data archives: Conservation and global change palaeobiology
SSP4.7: Open session on Biogeosciences
SSP4.8: Mass extinctions and rapid global warming in deep time

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