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Annual Meeting 2008

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The 52nd Annual Meeting of the Palaeontological Association will take place from 18-21 December at the University of Glasgow.

PalAss 2008 Annual Meeting

The meeting is being organized by Prof. Maggie Cusack & Dr Alan Owen of the Department of Geographical & Earth Sciences and Dr Neil Clark of the University’s Hunterian Museum.

The Third Circular is now available for download, and we look forward to seeing you in Glasgow.

The conference logo shows fossils from three of the famous palaeontological sites in the Glasgow region. Clockwise from bottom left:

  • One of the Lower Carboniferous lycopod stumps from Fossil Grove in the City’s Victoria Park, one of the world’s oldest geoconservation sites and the first to be preserved within a building.
  • A reconstruction of the ‘Bearsden shark’, Akmonistion zangerli Coates & Sequeira, from the topmost Lower Carboniferous lagerstätte to the immediate north of Glasgow.
  • A reconstruction of the largest trilobite known from Scotland (about 22 cm long), the Upper Ordovician cheirurid Hadromeros keisleyensis (Reed) from the Lady Burn Starfish Beds SSSI near Girvan, 90km south west of Glasgow.

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