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Product: 063 Maastrichtian and Palaeocene echinoids: a key to world faunas.

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Product - 063 Maastrichtian and Palaeocene echinoids: a key to world faunas. Image
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Special papers in Palaeontology: 63
<br />2000
<br />
<br />Maastrichtian and Palaeocene echinoids: a key to world faunas.
<br />A B Smith and C H Jeffery
<br />
<br />406 pp., 152 figs, 2 tabs.
<br />
<br />ABSTRACT. The taxonomy of Maastrichtian and Palaeocene echinoid faunas of the world has been revised. based on restudy of type and topotype material wherever possible. After revision we accept 395 species distributed amongst 140 genera as valid (out of 732 species and 196 genera encountered in the literature). A brief diagnosis is provided for each species. and plating is illustrated for at least one species in each genus. Dichotomous keys are provided as an aid to identification at all taxonomic levels. Stratigraphical ranges at species level are documented and tabulated. The importance of taxonomic standardization in palaeobiological studies using large data sets is emphasised. New taxa erected are the family Plesiolampadidae. the subfamilies Circopeltinae. Pseudholasterinae and Cardiotaxinae. and the species Salenia (Salenia) vanbirgeleni. Salenocidaris gal/emi. Diplotagma snellingsi. Thylechinus vanderhami. Noetlingaster monotuberculatus and Petalobrissus platysternus.