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Product: 032 Autecology of Silurian organisms.

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Special Papers in Palaeontology: 32
<br />1984
<br />
<br />Autecology of Silurian organisms.
<br />M G Bassett and J D Lawson (Eds)
<br />
<br />295 pp., 13 pls.
<br />
<br />ABSTRACT. The interdependence of autecology and synecology, and the relevance of both to ecostratigraphy is emphasized. The difficulties in making safe deductions about the autecology of Silurian organisms are considered. Various methods of approach for elucidating modes of life are described. The neglected subject of larval ecology is then discussed. The recognition of environmental variables from the evidence in Silurian rocks is considered in some detail, followed by the problems of recognizing marine, non-marine, shelf-margin, and upper bathyal regions. Some proposals for future work are suggested.