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Early View

Palaeontology (Journal) use the Wiley Early View service which presents full-text, peer-reviewed, copyedited articles as soon as they are complete, before the release of the compiled print issue. Articles are posted following receipt of the author's corrected proofs. They include all figures and tables and are fully citable. Every Early View article carries an online publication date and a DOI for citations.

Since Early View articles are fully integrated within Wiley Online Library a pay subscription may be required to access the full article text. Members of the Palaeonolotogical Association will need to login to their user account to gain free access.

Note: this page is updated once every 24 hours. Therefore there may be newer Early View articles available on the Wiley Online Library (

Current Early View Articles

Article: Establishing temperate crustose early Holocene coralline algae as archives for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions of the shallow water habitats of the Mediterranean Sea

First online: Version of Record online:16 October 2019
by Federica Ragazzola, Annalisa Caragnano, Daniela Basso, Daniela N. Schmidt, Jan Fietzke.

Article: Brachiopod shell thickness links environment and evolution

First online: Version of Record online:15 October 2019
by Uwe Balthasar, Jisuo Jin, Linda Hints, Maggie Cusack.

Article: Inner ear morphology of diadectomorphs and seymouriamorphs (Tetrapoda) uncovered by high‐resolution x‐ray microcomputed tomography, and the origin of the amniote crown group

First online: Version of Record online:11 October 2019
by Jozef Klembara, Miroslav Hain, Marcello Ruta, David S Berman, Stephanie E. Pierce, Amy C. Henrici.

Article: Peculiar tooth renewal in a Jurassic ray‐finned fish (Lepisosteiformes, †Scheenstia sp.)

First online: Version of Record online:19 September 2019
by Léa Leuzinger, Lionel Cavin, Adriana López‐Arbarello, Jean‐Paul Billon‐Bruyat.

Article: Taphonomic experiments resolve controls on the preservation of melanosomes and keratinous tissues in feathers

First online: Version of Record online:19 September 2019
by Tiffany S. Slater, Maria E. McNamara, Patrick J. Orr, Tara B. Foley, Shosuke Ito, Kazumasa Wakamatsu.

Article: Fossil liberation: a model to explain high biodiversity in the Triassic Cassian Formation

First online: Version of Record online:06 September 2019
by Vanessa Julie Roden, Imelda M. Hausmann, Alexander Nützel, Barbara Seuss, Mike Reich, Max Urlichs, Hans Hagdorn, Wolfgang Kiessling.

Article: From limb to fin: an Eocene protocetid forelimb from Senegal sheds new light on the early locomotor evolution of cetaceans

First online: Version of Record online:22 August 2019
by Quentin Vautrin, Fabrice Lihoreau, Bernard Sambou, Moustapha Thiam, Jeremy E. Martin, Rodolphe Tabuce, Sylvain Adnet, Renaud Lebrun, Anne‐Lise Charruault, Raphaël Sarr, Lionel Hautier.

Article: The impact of fossil stratigraphic ranges on tip‐calibration, and the accuracy and precision of divergence time estimates

First online: Version of Record online:21 August 2019
by Hans P. Püschel, Joseph E. O'Reilly, Davide Pisani, Philip C. J. Donoghue.

Article: Euconodont hard tissue: preservation patterns of the basal body

First online: Version of Record online:29 July 2019
by Thomas J. Suttner, Erika Kido.
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