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Early View

Palaeontology (Journal) use the Wiley Early View service which presents full-text, peer-reviewed, copyedited articles as soon as they are complete, before the release of the compiled print issue. Articles are posted following receipt of the author's corrected proofs. They include all figures and tables and are fully citable. Every Early View article carries an online publication date and a DOI for citations.

Since Early View articles are fully integrated within Wiley Online Library a pay subscription may be required to access the full article text. Members of the Palaeonolotogical Association will need to login to their user account to gain free access.

Note: this page is updated once every 24 hours. Therefore there may be newer Early View articles available on the Wiley Online Library (

Current Early View Articles

Article: Testosterone in ancient hair from an extinct species

First online: 13 August 2018
by Lee Koren, Devorah Matas, Patrícia Pečnerová, Love Dalén, Alexei Tikhonov, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Katherine E. Wynne‐Edwards, Eli Geffen.

Article: Cambrian petalonamid Stromatoveris phylogenetically links Ediacaran biota to later animals

First online: 07 August 2018
by Jennifer F. Hoyal Cuthill, Jian Han.

Article: The youngest ophiocistioid: a first Palaeozoic‐type echinoderm group representative from the Mesozoic

First online: 27 July 2018
by Mike Reich, Tanja R. Stegemann, Imelda M. Hausmann, Vanessa J. Roden, Alexander Nützel.

Article: Sediment‐encased maturation: a novel method for simulating diagenesis in organic fossil preservation

First online: 25 July 2018
by Evan T. Saitta, Thomas G. Kaye, Jakob Vinther.

Article: A new phylogenetic hypothesis of turtles with implications for the timing and number of evolutionary transitions to marine lifestyles in the group

First online: 18 July 2018
by Serjoscha W. Evers, Roger B. J. Benson.

Article: Regional impacts of global climate change: a local humid phase in central Iberia in a late Miocene drying world

First online: 13 July 2018
by Daniel De Miguel, Beatriz Azanza, Jorge Morales.

Article: The mosasaur fossil record through the lens of fossil completeness

First online: 13 July 2018
by Daniel A. Driscoll, Alexander M. Dunhill, Thomas L. Stubbs, Michael J. Benton.

Article: Three new naraoiid species from the Burgess Shale, with a morphometric and phylogenetic reinvestigation of Naraoiidae

First online: 10 July 2018
by Benjamin Mayers, Cédric Aria, Jean‐Bernard Caron.

Article: Evolution of vertebrate postcranial complexity: axial skeleton regionalization and paired appendages in a Devonian jawless fish

First online: 05 July 2018
by Marion Chevrinais, Zerina Johanson, Kate Trinajstic, John Long, Catherine Morel, Claude B. Renaud, Richard Cloutier.

Article: Virtual endocasts of fossil Sciuroidea: brain size reduction in the evolution of fossoriality

First online: 27 June 2018
by Ornella C. Bertrand, Farrah Amador‐Mughal, Madlen M. Lang, Mary T. Silcox.

Article: First record of Cyanobacteria in Cambrian Orsten deposits of Sweden

First online: 22 June 2018
by Christopher Castellani, Andreas Maas, Mats E. Eriksson, Joachim T. Haug, Carolin Haug, Dieter Waloszek.

Article: Show me your yttrium, and I will tell you who you are: implications for fossil imaging

First online: 12 June 2018
by Pierre Gueriau, Clément Jauvion, Cristian Mocuta.

Article: The oldest shipworms (Bivalvia, Pholadoidea, Teredinidae) preserved with soft parts (western France): insights into the fossil record and evolution of Pholadoidea

First online: 12 June 2018
by Ninon Robin, Marcel Velasquez, Anaïs Boura, Géraldine Garcia, Clément Jauvion, Jean‐Marie Boiteau, Bernard Gomez, Véronique Daviero‐Gomez, Xavier Valentin.

Article: Palaeobiogeographical distribution of Smithian (Early Triassic) ammonoid faunas within the western USA basin and its controlling parameters

First online: 07 June 2018
by Romain Jattiot, Arnaud Brayard, Hugo Bucher, Emmanuelle Vennin, GwénaËl Caravaca, James F. Jenks, Kevin G. Bylund, Gilles Escarguel.

Article: Evolution of jaw disparity in fishes

First online: 28 May 2018
by Jennifer J. Hill, Mark N. Puttick, Thomas L. Stubbs, Emily J. Rayfield, Philip C. J. Donoghue.

Article: Increased pliosaurid dental disparity across the Jurassic–Cretaceous transition

First online: 30 April 2018
by Nikolay G. Zverkov, Valentin Fischer, Daniel Madzia, Roger B.J. Benson.
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