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Article: The Late Precambrian fossils from Ediacara, South Australia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 9
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1966
Page(s): 599 628
Author(s): Martin F. Glaessner and Mary Wade
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GLAESSNER, M. F., WADE, M. 1966. The Late Precambrian fossils from Ediacara, South Australia. Palaeontology9, 4, 599–628.

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New genera and species are described from the richly fossiliferous Late Precambrian strata in which a number of medusoid fossils were discovered by R. C. Sprigg in 1947 and from which various pennatulacean, annelid, and other fossils have been described since. The new genera and their type species are: Medusinites asteroides (Sprigg), Mawsonites spriggi sp. nov., Conomedusites lobatus sp. nov., Lorenzinites rarus sp. nov., Kimberia quadrata sp. nov., Rugoconites enigmaticus sp. nov., Arborea arborea (Glaessner), Ovatoscutum concentricum sp. nov., Praecambridium sigillum sp. nov. In addition, the new species Cyclomedusa plana, Rangea longa, R. grandis, Dickinsonia elongata, D. tenuis, and Spriggina? ovata are described. The synonymies of several genera and species are revised, and new morphological information on others, particularly Tribrachidium heraldicum Glaessner, is presented.
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