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Article: The Lower Liassic ammonites Neomicroceras gen. nov. and Paracymbites

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 9
Part: 2
Publication Date: July 1966
Page(s): 312 318
Author(s): D. T. Donovan
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DONOVAN, D. T. 1966. The Lower Liassic ammonites Neomicroceras gen. nov. and ParacymbitesPalaeontology9, 2, 312–318.

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Neomicroceras commune gen. et sp. nov., family Eoderoceratidae, is described and figured from the Raricostatum Zone of the British Lower Lias. The genus Paracymbites Trueman and Williams 1927, from the same zone, is revised from the original types and other material, and placed in the family Oxynoticeratidae.
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