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Article: The 'Oxycythereis' problem: taxonomy and palaeobiogeography of deep-sea ostracod genera Pennyella and Rugocythereis

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 56
Part: 5
Publication Date: September 2013
Page(s): 1045 1080
Author(s): Moriaki Yasuhara, Gene Hunt, Hisayo Okahashi and Simone N. Brandão
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YASUHARA, M., HUNT, G., OKAHASHI, H., BRANDÃO, S. N. 2013. The ‘Oxycythereis’ problem: taxonomy and palaeobiogeography of deep-sea ostracod genera Pennyella and RugocythereisPalaeontology56, 5, 1045–1080.

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Systematic revision of the globally distributed deep-sea ostracod genera Pennyella Neale, 1974 and Rugocythereis Dingle, Lord and Boomer, 1990, which have been considered to correspond, at least partially, to nomen nudum but widely used genus name ‘Oxycythereis,’ was conducted to reduce taxonomic uncertainty of these important components of the Modern and fossil deep-sea ostracod community. Approximately 100 specimens from 18 species were examined, ranging in age from the Cretaceous to the present day. Nine new species are described: Pennyella rexi, Pennyella sanfordae, Pennyella liowae, Pennyella schellenbergi, Pennyella majorani, Pennyella iani, Pennyella ayressi, Rugocythereis melonis and Rugocythereis zarikiani. Emended generic concepts ofPennyella and Rugocythereis are proposed, and the palaeobiogeographical distributions of these two genera are discussed.

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