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Article: A new kind of sexual dimorphism in Ordovician ostracodes

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 50
Part: 2
Publication Date: March 2007
Page(s): 495 501
Author(s): Roger Schallreuter and Ingelore Hinz-Schallreuter
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SCHALLREUTER, R., HINZ-SCHALLREUTER, I. 2007. A new kind of sexual dimorphism in Ordovician ostracodes. Palaeontology50, 2, 495–501.

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In Ordovician ostracodes (genus Incisua) a new kind of sexual dimorphism is described, which is the first example among this group with males being the heteromorphs. The valves of males are larger and less frequent than the females, and are characterized by having a furrow in the ventral part. The furrow may have functioned as a device to enable the two sexes to cling together during mating.
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