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Article: The first stem tetrapod from the Lower Carboniferous of Gondwana

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 47
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 2004
Page(s): 151 184
Author(s): Anne Warren and Susan Turner
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WARREN, A., TURNER, S. 2004. The first stem tetrapod from the Lower Carboniferous of Gondwana. Palaeontology47, 1, 151–184.

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The first stem tetrapod from Gondwana, Ossinodus pueri gen. et sp. nov, is described from fragmentary material that includes a skull table and many important parts from the postcranial skeleton. It was recovered together with a typically non-marine to marginal (near) marine fish fauna from the Lower Carboniferous (mid Visean) Ducabrook Formation, Queensland, Australia. Phylogenetic analysis hypothesises that Ossinodus belonged to a clade that includes Whatcheeria and Pederpes, positioned on the stem of the crown tetrapods, one step crownward of Tulerpeton. Hind limb morphology suggests that small specimens of Ossinodus were primarily aquatic but that larger ones were less so.
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