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Article: Predation on graptoloids: new evidence from the Silurian of Wales

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 41
Part: 3
Publication Date: June 1998
Page(s): 423 427
Author(s): David K. Loydell, Jan Zalasiewicz and Richard Cave
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LOYDELL, D. K., ZALASIEWICZ, J., CAVE, R. 1998. Predation on graptoloids: new evidence from the Silurian of Wales. Palaeontology41, 3, 423–427.

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New evidence for predation on graptoloids is presented from collections made from the uppermost Llandovery and lower Wenlock of Wales. Mediograptus morleyae occurs in dense ovoid masses, interpreted as faecal pellets. Rhabdosomes of both M. morleyae and M. cf. inconspicuus occur folded, with a stipe length of a few thecae between folds: these specimens may have a faecal origin, or may represent rhabdosomes dropped during manipulation prior to ingestion. The predation appears to have been species specific: none of the other species present in the collections is affected. The identity of the predators is uncertain.
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