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Article: A giraffid from the middle Miocene of the Island of Chios, Greece

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 40
Part: 1
Publication Date: March 1997
Page(s): 121 133
Author(s): Louis de Bonis, George D. Koufos and Sevket Sen
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DE BONIS, L., KOUFOS, G. D., SEN, S. 1997. A giraffid from the middle Miocene of the Island of Chios, Greece. Palaeontology40, 1, 121–133.

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A giraffid skull and mandible from the early Mid Miocene Keramaria Formation at Thymania (Island of Chios, Greece) has enabled revision of the genus Georgiomeryx. The new specimen is compared with Canthumeryx syrtensis from Libya and Injanatherium from Iraq and Arabia. It is concluded that all these genera, which have flat and laterally directed horns, belong, together with Giraffokeryx, to the subfamily Canthumerycinae. New palaeomagnetic data from Chios combined with the presence of the fossil mammals provide new evidence for dating the locality to chron C5Br or early MN5.
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