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Article: New genera and subgenera of Mesozoic Bivalvia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 4
Part: 4
Publication Date: January 1962
Page(s): 592 598
Author(s): L. R. Cox
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COX, L. R. 1962. New genera and subgenera of Mesozoic Bivalvia. Palaeontology4, 4, 592–598.

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The following new taxa, belonging to the families stated, are diagnosed and discussed: Palmoxytoma subgen. nov., type species, Pecten cygnipes Young & Bird, Middle Lias (Oxytomidae, now advanced from subfamily to family rank); Rhaetavicula gen. nov., type species, Avicula contorta Portlock, Rhaetic (Pteriidae ?); Ornithopecten gen. nov., type species, Aviculopecten bosniae Bittner, Middle Trias (Aviculopectinidae); Ensio gen. nov., type species, Ptychomya agassizii Lycett, Bajocian (Astartidae).
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