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Article: New information on the foraminiferal genus Pfenderina

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 4
Part: 4
Publication Date: January 1962
Page(s): 581 591
Author(s): A. H. Smout and W. Sugden
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SMOUT, A. H., SUGDEN, W. 1962. New information on the foraminiferal genus PfenderinaPalaeontology4, 4, 581–591.

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Pfenderina neocomiensis (Pfender 1938) is redescribed from loose specimens for the first time and a new species, P. trochoidea, is described. Kurnubia palastiniensis Henson 1948, Valvulinella wellingsi Henson 1948, and Valvulinella jurassica Henson 1948, are united in the genus Kurnubia Henson 1948. Kurnubia, Pfenderina Henson, and Meyendorffitna Arouze and Bizon 1958, are placed in the new family Pfenderinidae of the super-family Lituolidea. This family is distinguished from the family Verneuilinidae, subfamily Ataxophagmiinae, by the numerous chambers per whorl, finely cribrate aperture and details of internal structure and from the family Orbitolinidae by the finer texture of the endoskeleton, the lesser development of the uniserial stage as compared to the spiral stage and details of the internal structure.P. neocomiensis occurs in Europe only in the Valanginian and Berriasian, but in the Middle East it is typically found only from the Bathonian to the Argovian. The differing distribution in the two areas is so far without satisfactory explanation.
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