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Article: A syncarid crustacean from the Keele Beds (Stephanian) of Warwickshire

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 4
Part: 4
Publication Date: January 1962
Page(s): 546 551
Author(s): W. D. Ian Rolfe
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ROLFE, W. D. 1962. A syncarid crustacean from the Keele Beds (Stephanian) of Warwickshire. Palaeontology4, 4, 546–551.

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A specimen of Palaeocaris cf. retractata Calman 1932, collected by Dr. F. Raw from the Upper Carboniferous Keele Beds of the Lickey Hills, Birmingham, is briefly described. This occurrence of the genus (which is best represented in non-marine deposits of Westphalian age) is the youngest known, and enlarges the meagre fauna recorded from the Keele Beds.
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