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Article: The gastropod Platyteichum in the Permian of Western Australia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 4
Part: 1
Publication Date: April 1961
Page(s): 131 137
Author(s): J. M. Dickins
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DICKINS, J. M. 1961. The gastropod Platyteichum in the Permian of Western Australia. Palaeontology4, 1, 131–137.

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Platyteichum johnstonei sp. nov., P. johnstonei? and P.? sp. nov. are described. The holotype of P. costatum Campbell 1953, the type species, and of P. coniforme (Etheridge jun.) 1892 are figured and discussed; P. costatum may be a synonym of P. coniforme. Platyteichum Campbell 1953 appears to be closely related to Mourlonia de Koninck 1883 and Mourlonopsis Fletcher 1958. The species of Platyteichum occurring in Western Australia is considered to afford additional evidence for the correlation of the Ingelara Formation of the Bowen Basin of Queensland with the upper part of the Byro Group of the Carnarvon (North-west) Basin of Western Australia.
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