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Article: The ammonite Sutneria from the Upper Jurassic of southern Spain

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 39
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1996
Page(s): 851 867
Author(s): F. Olóriz and F. J. Rodríguez-Tovar
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OLÓRIZ, F., RODRÍGUEZ-TOVAR, F. J. 1996. The ammonite Sutneria from the Upper Jurassic of southern Spain. Palaeontology39, 4, 851–867.

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A bed-by-bed collection of 144 specimens of the ammonite genus Sutneria from the uppermost Oxfordian and lowermost Kimmeridgian of southern Spain comprises the species and subspecies galar Oppel, galar thieli Zeiss, nusplingensis Fischer and platynota Reinecke. These represent the most complete assemblage of the genus known from the western Tethys. All the species, except nusplingensis, were found in epicontinental facies (alternating marls, marly limestones and limestones) as well as in epioceanic facies (ammonitico rosso). S. nusplingensis occurs only rarely at the base of the epicontinental Kimmeridgian. S. galar thieli ranges from the upper Planula Zone of the Upper Oxfordian to the Platynota Zone of the Lower Kimmeridgian. S. galar and S. platynota, by far the most common species, show their normal stratigraphical distribution in the uppermost Oxfordian and lower Kimmeridgian, respectively; this reinforces their usefulness for correlation in the European Tethys and surrounding areas.
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