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Article: Late Cambrian agnostoid trilobites from Argentina

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 38
Part: 2
Publication Date: August 1995
Page(s): 241 257
Author(s): John H. Shergold, Osvaldo Bordonaro and Eladio Liñán
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SHERGOLD, J. H., BORDONARO, O., LIÑÁN, E. 1995. Late Cambrian agnostoid trilobites from Argentina. Palaeontology38, 2, 241–257.

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Late Cambrian agnostoid trilobites are described from an in situ locality near the base of the El Relincho Formation in Mendoza Province, northwestern Argentina, and from allochthonous blocks in the younger, Ordovician, Empozada and Los Sombreros Formations of Mendoza and neighbouring San Juan Provinces. The faunas of the olistolites fall into three age groups in terms of North American Late Cambrian biochronology: one Trempealeauan and two late Dresbachian assemblages are represented. Species occurring are compared with appropriate taxa from the USA, Canada and Australia. Species of Lotagnostus previously described by Rusconi are reassessed on the basis of replicas of the types and the present material.
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