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Article: Mosasaurs from the Upper Cretaceous of Niger

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 34
Part: 3
Publication Date: September 1991
Page(s): 653 670
Author(s): T. Lingham-Soliar
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LINGHAM-SOLIAR, T. 1991. Mosasaurs from the Upper Cretaceous of Niger. Palaeontology34, 3, 653–670.

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Fragmentary remains from the Dukamaje Formation (' Mosasaurus Shales'), Upper Maastrichtian, S.W. Niger, reveal a diverse mosasaur fauna of at least six genera - Goronyosaurus, Igdamanosaurus nov. gen., Angolasaurus, Halisaurus, Plioplatecarpus, Mosasaurus, and possibly Platecarpus. This represents an astonishingly high number of mosasaur genera from a single horizon, equalling that of the most prolific mosasaur beds of the world, the Niobrara Formation of Kansas, U.S.A. and the Craie Phosphatee de Ciply, Belgium. Plioplatecarpus represents the first documentation in Africa of this genus.
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