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Article: Palaeocene and Eocene Mixodontia (Mammalia, Glires) of Mongolia and China

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 31
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 1988
Page(s): 129 164
Author(s): Demberliyn Dashzeveg and Donald E. Russell
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DASHZEVEG, D., RUSSELL, D. E. 1988. Palaeocene and Eocene Mixodontia (Mammalia, Glires) of Mongolia and China. Palaeontology31, 1, 129–164.

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Three new mixodont genera and species from the late Palaeocene of Mongolia, Khaychina elongata, Eomylus zhigdenensis, and Amar aleator are described; 'Mimotona' borealis (late Palaeocene of China) is referred to Eomylus. Also described is Mimotona Hi n. sp. from the middle Palaeocene of China. The dentition of Gomphos elkema is more fully documented by new material, as is that of Rhombomylus and Eurymylus. Gomphos, Rhombomylus, and 'Matutinia' are compared and 'M.' nitidulus referred to Rhombomylus. The additional specimens and taxa contribute to our knowledge of a group that could be ancestral to rodents and lagomorphs.
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