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Article: Early Cretaceous belemnites from southern Mozambique

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 30
Part: 2
Publication Date: May 1987
Page(s): 311 317
Author(s): Peter Doyle
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DOYLE, P. 1987. Early Cretaceous belemnites from southern Mozambique. Palaeontology30, 2, 311–317.

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Neohibolites ewaldi (v. Strombeck, 1861) and Peratobelus foersteri sp. nov. are described from the Upper Aptian sediments of the Rio Maputo river, near Catuane, southern Mozambique. Peratobelus has a wider distribution than was first thought, occurring on both Tethyan (Mozambique) and Pacific (Antarctica, Australia) coasts of Gondwana. The presence of Neohibolites in Mozambique strengthens the hypothesis of a widespread migration of this genus in the Aptian-Albian.
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