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Article: The Permian leiopteriid Merismopteria and the origin of the Pteriidae

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 3
Part: 3
Publication Date: December 1960
Page(s): 387 391
Author(s): J. M. Dickins
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DICKINS, J. M. 1960. The Permian leiopteriid Merismopteria and the origin of the Pteriidae. Palaeontology3, 3, 387–391.

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The musculature and dentition of Merismopteria Etheridge jun. 1892 are described and illustrated. Muscles are present both in front and behind the 'clavicle' or buttress ridge. Lateral and cardinal teeth may be present. Merismopteria is closely related to and may be a synonym of Leiopteria Hall 1883. Modern pteriids are considered to be derived from the Palaeozoic leiopteriids which lack a chondrophore and have a flattish ligament area with chevron-shaped or parallel-longitudinal ligament grooves and it is concluded that the 'pteriid' type of ligament with a chondrophore is independently developed in the pterioids and the pectinoids.
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