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Article: The jaw apparatuses of Cretaceous desmoceratid ammonites

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 26
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1983
Page(s): 677 686
Author(s): Kazushige Tanabe
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TANABE, K. 1983. The jaw apparatuses of Cretaceous desmoceratid ammonites. Palaeontology26, 3, 677–686.

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The jaw apparatuses of three late Cretaceous desmoceratines (Tragodesmoceroides subcostal Damesites ainuanus, and D. semicostatus) are described and compared with those of other ammonites and modern cephalopods. The jaws of the three species morphologically resemble one another, and belong to the anaptychus-type jaws of Lehmann (1981), because of the fundamental jaw structures and the absence of a calcareous element. Based on comparison of jaw structures with modern cephalopods and the jaw-muscle relations in modern Nautilus, a possible buccal structure of the Desmoceratinae is proposed.
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