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Article: A reappraisal of the lower Silurian brachiopods Borealis and Pentamerus

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 24
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1981
Page(s): 537 553
Author(s): Atle Mørk
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MØRK, A. 1981. A reappraisal of the lower Silurian brachiopods Borealis and PentamerusPalaeontology24, 3, 537–553.

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The pentamerids Borealis borealis and Pentamerus oblongus are redescribed and a new subspecies B. borealis osloensis subsp. nov. is erected. Specimens from the virtually continuous Llandovery succession of the Oslo Region show a gradational evolution from B. borealis to P. oblongus, with a transition within the Idwian The occurrence of different evolutionary forms suggests a diachronous base for the limestone unit containin; these fossils in the Oslo Region. The recognition of this phyletic lineage may further improve the correlation to lower Silurian shelly faunas of the Oslo Region, Estonia, and Great Britain.
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