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Article: A lysorophid amphibian from the Coal Measures of northern England

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 23
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1980
Page(s): 925 929
Author(s): Michael J. Boyd
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BOYD, M. J. 1980. A lysorophid amphibian from the Coal Measures of northern England. Palaeontology23, 4, 925–929.

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A description is given of the presacral vertebrae and ribs of a lysorophid amphibian from the Middle Coal Measures (Westphalian B) of Northumberland. The specimen is the earliest lysorophid yet described and is the first certainly identifiable member of the group to be recorded from any horizon outside North America. An isolated presacral vertebra from an unknown Coal Measures horizon at Low Moor, West Yorkshire, may represent additional evidence of lysorophids in the British Carboniferous. Lysorophids appear to have been present in both lacustrine and coal swamp pool environments in the Upper Carboniferous as well as surviving in 'red bed' environments in the Lower Permian in North America.
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