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Article: Review of fossil rodents from the Neogene Siwalik Beds of India and Pakistan

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 15
Part: 2
Publication Date: June 1972
Page(s): 238 266
Author(s): Craig C. Black
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BLACK, C. C. 1972. Review of fossil rodents from the Neogene Siwalik Beds of India and Pakistan. Palaeontology15, 2, 238–266.

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Sixteen species of rodents belonging to nine genera and five families are now known from the Neogene Siwalik Series of India and Pakistan. Detailed descriptions, illustrations and discussion are given for all species of rhizomyids, ctenodactylids and thryonomyids; brief mention is made of the hystricids and murids. The most abundant material is that of rhizomyids for which two distinct lineages are recognized: Rhizomyoides to Rhizomys and Kanisamys-Protachyoryctes to Tachyoryctes. The Asian and African rhizomyids and ctenodactylids are compared, and Paraulacodus incidus is recognized as the only thryonomyid known outside Africa.
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