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ProgPal Meeting 2022: Delegate Registration

If you are a PalAss Member please login to the website in order to recieve the Members' prices. If you are not currently a Member and wish to join in order to take advantage of the discount prices you can find more information here: Membership Information.

Delegate Personal Details
Your PalAss Membership Number will appear here when you are logged in to our website.
Please enter the primary affiliation you wish to use for the duration of the conference. If you are without an affiliation please enter 'Independent'.
Delegate Contact Details
Note: if your telephone number is not a UK number please provide the country calling code, eg. +44... or 0044...
Registration Category

If you are a PalAss Member please login to the website in order to be able to select the Members' prices. If you are not currently a Member and wish to join in order to take advantage of any discounted prices you can find more information here: Membership Information.

Important: The Student price is only available to registered members of a school, college or university, where study towards a formal educational qualification is their full-time or principal occupation.

Early-Bird Prices: The early-bird prices are not available.

Delegate CategoryEarly-Bird PriceNormal Price
Student Member:
Student Non-Member:
Student virtual:
Other Events

We are offering a series of social events and workshops. Please register for only one workshop. Picking more than one workshop may result in the cancelling of your registration. In total, you can register for the icebreaker, the quiz and one workshop. You can find more info on the events here (page will open in new window).

Event NameEvent DatePlaces AvailableEvent PriceSelect Event?
Science Communication Workshop (In person only)14/6/2022Yes (12/40 left)FREE
Phylogenetic Comparative Methods Workshop14/6/2022None (0/40 left)FREE
Dinner (In person only)15/6/2022Yes (17/54 left)£15.00
ProgPal2022 T shirt7/4/2022Yes£15.00
Progpal 2022 T shirt + Postage7/4/2022Yes£18.50
Palaeo Neurodiversity T shirt7/4/2022Yes£15.00
Palaeo Neurodiversity T shirt + postage7/4/2022Yes£18.50
Fieldtrip16/6/2022Yes (26/43 left)£12.00
Fieldtrip (using own transportation)16/6/2022Yes£5.00
Dinner Options

Note: You need to select the Dinner Event from the "Other Event" list above to be able to select your dinner options.

Dinner Options

This years Dinner will be taking place at Pho and the options listed below have been selected to consider a wide range of dietary requirements. Delegates will be contacted via email to choose their options from those listed below, delegates should specify any other dietary requirement below. Delegates should choose 1 starter and 1 main from the menu below once emailed.


Veggie Spring Rolls v/vg
Pork Spring Rolls
Veggie Summer Rolls v/vg/gf
Chicken Summer Rolls gf
Prawn Summer Rolls gf
(all above come with the choice of Peanut Sauce vg, Nouc Cham, Soy Ginger vg or Sweet chilli vg.)
Chicken Wings gf
Pork and Lemongrass meatballs gf
Chinese Leaf v/vg/gf


Pho – noodle soup
Steak with Garlic Pho gf
Beef Brisket Pho gf
Chicken Pho gf
Tofu and Mushroom Pho v/vg/gf
3 Mushroom Pho v/vg/gf
Hot and Spicy Beef Brisket Pho gf
Hot and Spicy Chicken Pho gf
Hot and Spicy 3 Mushroom Pho v/vg/gf
Super Green Pho v/vg/gf

Pho Xao – wok fried noodles
Chicken gf
Chicken and Prawn gf
Tofu and Mushroom v/vg/gf

Cari – Vietnamese Curry
Chicken Cari gf
Tofu and Mushroom Cari v/vg/gf
(all served with Broken Rice)

Com Tam Rang – Fried Rice
Chicken and Dried Shrimp gf
Shitake and Thai Basil v/vg/gf

Item NameOption PriceSelect Dinner Option?
Please enter any other dinner related requirements or information we should be made aware of, e.g. food allergies, vegetarian diet, etc... that the registration form does not already cover, so we can accommodate you as best we can at the dinner.
Travel Grant
There is limited funding available for travel grants to support students who are presenting their work at Progressive Palaeontology
Please give a brief (max 150 words) reason for ProgPal to support your travel grant application. Supporting statement must include estimated travel/accommodation cost and justification of financial need. Travel grant applications will be assessed on the rationale of this statement, the financial need of the applicant and the merit of the accompanying abstract(s).
Terms and Conditions