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Progressive Palaeontology 2021 - Online: Talks and Posters

Year: 2021
Location: Online
Hosted By: University College London (UCL)
Organised By: Miranta Kouvari (co-chair), Cecily Nicholl (co-chair), Lou Andrews, Sam Bright, Shin Kang, Eryka Kritikos, Alice Leavey, Bethany Pittard, Grace Varnham, Heather White
General Contact Email:

Talks and Posters

Progressive Palaeontology (ProgPal) 2021 was held online between the 17th–19th June due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Talks were delivered as videos, and posters placed online. Authors were provided with the option of making their talks or posters public after the event, and these are linked below. You will find a section for talks, then one for lightning talks, and finally posters.


NameSurnameAbstract TitleYouTube link
HarryBerksThe macroevolutionary impacts of major environmental changes on avian wing morphology and flight abilityView video
EmilyCarlisleThe origin of placental mammals according to the fossil recordView video
Anna LeneClaussenBryostromatolites Enigmatic shallow water reefs from the Silurian of GotlandView video
Luis AlejandroGiraldo CerónInsect herbivory in the middle-late Paleocene (58-60 Ma) neotropical rainforests of the Bogota Formation, Central ColombiaView video
JackLovegroveA theoretical morphospace approach to understanding the evolution of the mammalian mandibleView video
SpencerPevsnerFunctional trade-offs in multituberculate theoretical jaw morphology between stress response and jaw speedView video
ChristianVoiculescu-HolvadHistorical material of cf. Thoracosaurus from the Maastrichtian of Denmark provides new insight into the K-Pg distribution of CrocodyliaView video

Lightning talks

NameSurnameAbstract TitleYouTube link
HarryBlakeThe palaeoecology of the Wenlock (Silurian) arthropods of Buttington Quarry, WalesView video
JamesChesterDiscretising continuous morphological phylogenetic character dataView video
AdamManningA novel quantitative method to landmark complex fossilsView video
KyleMarsonCraniofacial and vertebral neurovascular complexes of Tethysaurus nopcsai (Mosasauridae, Squamata) from the Upper Cretaceous of MoroccoView video


AuthorsAbstract TitlePoster link
Samuel Bulmer, Leanne Melbourne, Daniela SchmidtThe effect of environmental change on the structural integrity of Southern Ocean and K/Pg boundary bivalvesView Poster
Jenna Amy Davenport, Andrew ChamberlainThe Spatial Distribution of Spotted Hyaena (Crocuta crocuta) dens during the Middle and Upper Pleistocene of BritainView Poster
Priya Gordon, Russell J. Garwood, Robert SansomWhat can digital populations teach us about the maintenance of recombination?View Poster
Rob Loveday, Will Deakin, Tom Smith, Phil Donoghue, Emily RayfieldHydrodynamic factors are a strong constraint on ichthyopterygian and sauropterygian jaw morphologyView Poster
Roisin Mooney, Aodhán Ó Gogáin, John MurrayA new specimen of Petalodus from the Mississippian of north County Kerry, IrelandView Poster
William A. J. Rutter, Marios N. MiliorizosModelling of Morphotypic Transitions and Intermediary Developmental Stages between Species of Rugose Corals using Steiner Trees and Maximum ParsimonyView Poster
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