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Future Meeting: Palaeo Down Under 2 (PDU2)

Meeting Date: Sunday, July 10, 2016 to Friday, July 15, 2016
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Organisers: Australasian Palaeontologists (AAP)
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A full conference programme is proposed, covering all aspects of palaeontology and associated disciplines. Dedicated symposia on the Ediacaran and Cambrian systems will be a highlight of the programme, under the auspices of the respective International Subcommissions on Stratigraphy, focussing on recent rapid advances in our understanding in these areas. The conference will include guest keynote lectures, general and thematic sessions, symposia and posters.

The conference will be preceded by a field excursion to Ediacaran and Cambrian fossil localities in the renowned Flinders Ranges to the north of Adelaide, and will also feature the Emu Bay Shale Konservat-Lagerstatte on Kangaroo Island, south of Adelaide. A half-day mid-conference field excursion will be arranged to a location of international geological interest in the vicinity of Adelaide. A post-conference camping-style excursion to Mesozoic and/or Cenozoic fossil localities in the arid Lake Eyre Basin is also under consideration, pending number of interested participants.

For further information, please see the conference website.

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