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Future Meeting: Fossils, Phylogenies, Genomes, Embryos & the Evolution of the Deuterostomes

Meeting Date: Thursday, May 12, 2022
Location: The Natural History Museum, London, UK
Organisers: Max Telford, Jeff Thompson, Tim Ewin, Paul Barrett, Greg Edgecombe, Tim Littlewood
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We are excited to present this meeting highlighting cutting-edge advances in the understanding of the evolution and development of the phylum Deuterostomia. We have an excellent lineup of speakers, including leaders and emerging stars in the fields of paleobiology, evolutionary biology and developmental biology of deuterostomes, and metazoan phylogenetics and paleobiology more broadly. The meeting is based around the thematic contributions of the late R.P.S. "Dick" Jefferies, who worked for most of his career at the Natural History Museum, and who provided valuable insights across a number of fields, from deuterostome evolution, to paleobiological models, to cladistics.

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