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Annual Meeting 2020 - Virtual Meeting: Annual Address

Number: 64th Annual Meeting
Year: 2020
Location: Virtual Meeting
Hosted By: Oxford University Museum of Natural History, UK
Organised By: Organising committee chaired by Dr Jack Matthews
General Contact Email:

Annual Address

The Annual Address will be given on Thursday 17th December.

Tales from the Cambrian Explosion

Professor Rachel Wood
University of Edinburgh, UK

The Cambrian Explosion marks the rise of diverse animal groups ca. 540 million years ago, but the triggers for this revolution remain poorly understood. I will explore the differing roles of changing climate, oceanic redox, nutrient availability and ecosystem feedbacks across the critical Ediacaran-Cambrian transitional period. The fossil record now reveals that the roots of the Cambrian Explosion are to be found in the Ediacaran. We can now document a series of pulses of enhanced seawater oxygen availability over the Ediacaran to Cambrian interval. These coincide with pulses of diversification and increased body size in animals, but the biological control of carbonate production was driven by ecosystem feedbacks including the rise of predation.

The annual address, taking place online this year, is open to all - beginners and experts are welcome. You can sign up for free here: 

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