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Product: 060 Cretaceous fossil vertebrates.

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Product - 060 Cretaceous fossil vertebrates.  Image
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Special papers in Palaeontology: 60
<br />1999
<br />
<br />Cretaceous fossil vertebrates.
<br />D M Unwin (Ed.)
<br />
<br />220 pp., 14 pls, 68 text-figs.
<br />
<br />ABSTRACT. Bulk sampling of the marls and marly limestones of the Hunstanton Formation (Red Chalk) and associated deposits at two sites in north-east England has yielded rich and diverse assemblages of small selachians, largely represented by dissociated teeth. This fauna contains over 35 taxa and is dominated by small to very small nectobenthic forms. A large proportion of these are new, and five new species are described here: Prolosqualus pachyrhiza sp. nov., Pseudospinax helerodon sp. nov., Creloreclolobus gracilis sp. nov., Parasymbolus relicularis sp. novo and Pleroscyllium ornalum sp. novo Crelascyliorhinus gen. novo is erected for Scyliorhinus deslombesi Cappetta and related forms. The earliest records of Squalus and the Etmopterinae are noted. The fauna is considered a specialist low-nutrient selachian fauna probably confined to the North Sea Basin.