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Product: 052 Studies on Carboniferous and Permian vertebrates.

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Product - 052 Studies on Carboniferous and Permian vertebrates. Image
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Special papers in Palaeontology: 52
<br />1996
<br />
<br />Studies on Carboniferous and Permian vertebrates.
<br />A R Milner (Ed.)
<br />
<br />148 pp., 51 text-figs.
<br />
<br />ABSTRACT. Recent preparation of the holotype of Coccocephalus wildi, the type species of the genus Coccocephalus, has revealed the palatoquadrate and the three-dimensionally preserved endocranium. The species is redescribed, and the two other species of Coccocephalus, from Upper Carboniferous marine beds in North and South America, are reviewed. Coccocephalus is a palaeoniscoid-grade actinopterygian displaying a mixture of numerous primitive and a few derived characters. It shares many primitive features with genera classically considered to belong to the stem-group of actinopterygians, such as Cheirolepis, Mimia, Moythomasia and Howqualepis. Advanced features indicate subsequent actinopterygian evolution towards forms such as Boreosomus and Commentrya.