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Product: 050 Turonian ammonite faunas from Central Tunisia.

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Product - 050 Turonian ammonite faunas from Central Tunisia. Image
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Special papers in Palaeontology: 50
<br />1994
<br />
<br />Turonian ammonite faunas from Central Tunisia.
<br />G R Chancellor, W J Kennedy and J M Hancock.
<br />
<br />118 pp., 37 pls, 19 text-figs.
<br />
<br />ABSTRACT. Thirty four ammonite species referred to twenty one genera are described from the Turonian of central Tunisia, and type material of Coquand (1862), Thomas and Peron (1889-1893) and Pervinquiere (1907) revised and illustrated. The youngest Cenomanian fauna is referred to a Pseudospidoceras pseudonodosoides Zone, succeeded by Lower Turonian Pseudaspidoceras fiexuosum, Thomasites rollandi, Mammites nodosoides and lower Middle Turonian Romaniceras kallesi Zones. Stratigraphically isolated faunas represent Romaniceras deverianum and Hemirissoria morreni Zones of the upper Middle and Upper Turonian respectively.