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Product: 008 Cenomanian ammonites from southern England.

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Product - 008 Cenomanian ammonites from southern England. Image
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Special Papers in Palaeontology: 8 Cenomanian ammonites from southern England.


by W J Kennedy

272 pp., 64 pls

ABSTRACT. About a hundred named ammonite species are recorded from the Lower Chalk (Cenomanian) and contiguous deposits of southern England. Important species based on type material from this area described by Mantell, J. and J. de C. Sowerby, Sharpe, Jukes-Browne, and others are re-described, and the types of important species such as Mantelliceras mantelli (J. Sowerby), M. costatum (Mantell), and Acanthoceras hippocastanum (J. de C. Sowerby) are figured photographically for the first time.

The stratigraphic ranges of all species discussed is given, and the faunal sequence suggested previously for the Lower Chalk (Kennedy 1969, 1970) is reviewed and compared with subdivisions proposed by Spath (1923b, 1926b), and successions erected elsewhere in the world.