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Ordering Publications

Ordering infomation for the following publications:

To make online purchases of Special Papers in Palaeontology, Current volume of Palaeontology, Field Guides to Fossils and Fold-out-fossils, click here.

Postage and Packing rates

How to order issues of Palaeontology

Who to contact in case of queries

Postage and packing rates:

To calculate costs of postage and packing, using the following guide:

United Kingdom 1 volume £2.50; 2 volumes £5.00; 3 + volumes £6.00
Europe Each volume 5.00 Euros
Surface mail, North America Each volume $6.00
Air mail, North America Each volume $11.00
Surface mail, Rest of World Each volume $6.00
Air mail, Rest of World Each volume $12.00

Ordering issues of Palaeontology:

The easiest way of obtaining copies of the current volume of the journal Palaeontology is to join the Association; members receive the printed and electronic version of the current years Volume as part of their membership package.

You can also order back issues of the journal Palaeontology directly from the Association by contacting the Associations Executive Officer. The above listed prices for postage and packing also need to be added to the cost of the journal issues required.

Prices and availability of Palaeontology:

Full prices for the journal Palaeontology and Cumulative Indexes to Palaeontology and Special Papers in Palaeontology are given below. Single copies of each publication are available to ordinary or student members of the Association for their personal use at a reduced rate. Trade prices are available from the Executive officer. Most issues of the journal Palaeontology are still available. Please note that there are four parts to each volume except voume 11 (5 parts), and those since volume 41 (1998) comprise six parts. Volumes 4/1, 4/3, 4/4 and all parts of volume 6 are out of print. Prices are given in Sterling, though payment in dollar equivalents is acceptable.

Journal Issues:

Price per part
Cover Price
Members' Price

Cumulative indexes to Palaeontology and Special Papers in Palaeontology:

Special Papers in Palaeontology
Cover Price
Members' Price
1-55 (1967-1996)

Where to send orders, and who to contact in case of queries:

Dr Tim Palmer
Executive Officer, Palaeontological Association
Institute of Geography and Earth Studies
University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Dyfed SY23 3DB.
Wales, UK.
Fax: +44 (0) 1970 622659

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