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Palaeobiology: A Synthesis

This highly successful volume was produced in 1990 as a joint venture between the Palaeontological Association and Blackwell Scientific Publications; its encyclopaedic form made it an ideal and widely-used teaching reference across the world. The hard copy has been out of print for some years, and Blackwell's more recent 'Paleobiology' (by the same editors) does not cover exactly the same ground. We have therefore arranged for the original text to be freely downloadable, chapter by chapter. There are no restrictions on downloading this material, although it is is being made available online strictly for the purpose of personal use or teaching purposes only and may not be sold or used as party of any commercial enterprise, either in print or online.

Note that the book is broken into 10-20 page PDF files; breaks do not always fall neatly at article boundaries, and many articles will be split over multiple files.

Contents and Foreword : Index

  1. Section 1: Major Events in the History of Life

  2. Section 2: The Evolutionary Process and the Fossil Record

  3. Section 3: Taphonomy

  4. Section 4: Palaeoecology

  5. Section 5: Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Biostratigraphy

  6. Section 6: Infrastructure of Palaeobiology

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