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The Palaeontology Newsletter contains a mixture of palaeontological news, book reviews, reviews of past meetings, details of forthcoming meetings as well as a series of regular discussion features. Copies of the Newsletter from Issue 26 onwards are available online.

Download current Newsletter: Newsletter No. 90

Regular columns and special features:

Contributions for the Palaeontology Newsletter

Contributions for the Palaeontology Newsletter should be directed in the first instance to the Newsletter Editor.

Book Reviews in the Palaeontology Newsletter

The scope of the book review section is broad; it aims to review texts for both teaching and research on any aspect of palaeobiology, biology, evolution and palaeoecology including sedimentology and stratigraphy. Authors/publishers wishing to provide review copies of texts can do so directly to the Book Review Editor.

Reporting Meetings in the Palaeontology Newsletter

Palaeontological meetings are a regular feature of the Palaeontology Newsletter, and includes details on meetings focusing on palaeobiology, biology, evolution and palaeoecology and also covering aspects of sedimentology and stratigraphy. Meeting organisers are encouraged to send information for inclusion directly to the Association's Meetings Coordinator.

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