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Hosted Sites

The Palaeontological Association provides a hosting service on its servers for web-based palaeontological resources. The content of these sites is neither provided nor vetted by the Association.

Sites currently hosted

  • Palaeontology [online] [Free-to-access online Palaeontological Magazine]
  • Palaeontologia Electronica [Free-to-access online Palaeontological Journal]
  • Ask a Biologist [Q&A site aimed at school-age children]
  • EDNA insect database [Searchable database of fossil insect species]
  • If you are the owner of an existing or potential web-based resource and wish to investigate the possibility of hosting on the Palass server, please contact the webmaster. Requests should include a case for hosting that includes the website's aims and objectives, relevance to palaeontology, and an estimate of the resources required (e.g. file size, projected download use and/or number of users). In placing materials on this server, the administrators of all hosted sites agree to abide by our conditions of use.

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