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Annual Meeting Council Poster Prize

Awarded for the best poster at the Annual Meeting. All student members of the Palaeontological Association, and all members of the Association who are early career stage researchers, i.e. those within one year of the award of a higher degree (PhD or MSc), excluding periods of parental or other leave, are eligible for consideration for this award. Cash prize of 200. The prize is announced at the end of the Annual Meeting.

    Previous recipients of Council's Poster Awards:

    2012 - Emma Locatelli (Yale)
    2011 - Samantha Giles (Bristol)
    2010 - Tom Harvey (University of Cambridge)
    2009 - Nicholas Crumpton (University of Bristol) and Laurent Darras (University of Leicester)
    2008 - Heather Birch (University of Cardiff)
    2007 - Martin Smith (University of Cambridge)
    2006 - Ma Xiaoya (Yunnan and Leicester)
    2005 - Richard Callow (University of Oxford)
    2004 - J. Pollitt (University of Bath)
    2004 - L. Muir (The Natural History Museum)
    2003 - Jenifer England (University of Glasgow)
    2003 - James Wheeley (Cardiff University)
    2002 - Marc E. H. Jones (University College London)
    2002 - Nicole Fraser

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